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SRS Technology can assemble your electronic boards with SMT and/ or THT components at a prototype level but also we can manage large quantities. We are offering attractive prices and top Swiss quality.

Each service is independent so if you are not manufacturing the PCB's with us and just want to assemble them please send us your data and we can perform a quote for you. The typical data needed for quote is:

          -            BOM file with manufactures part numbers.

          -            PICK and Place files with the coordinates generated by the PCB Layout software.

          -            Gerber files of the PCB (only TOP and BOTTOM layer) or PDF with the position of the components.

          -            Solder paste gerber file for making the stencils.

We can process components supplied by you but also we can purchase them for you. The assembly will start only after we have received all the necessary components.


SRS Technology is capable and has the know how also to make repairs on already assembled boards. We can change different components on the boards for you by hand or with special machines. We can change by hand up to 0201 sized passives, difficult connectors and using our special techniques we can mount and unmount difficult chip packages including BGA's.                             

Technical Capabilities:

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