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CERN SRS Technology

SRS Technology is a CERN Spin-off company based in Geneva Switzerland. Our company is a spinoff of SRS developers, holding licenses for sales of  SRS  electronics and we are specialized in developing, producing and selling custom made electronics.


 The Scalable Readout System ( SRS ) is  a highly scalable, multichannel  readout architecture. It consists of crate based front-end concentrator cards (FECs) and  digital or analogue adapters, interfaced  over copper or fibre via  DTCC links to distributed  frontends or sensors.  SRS frontends are detector specific and can be implemented according to the requirement. By default, SRS frontends are implemented either as 128 channel ASIC carriers ( APV, VFAT, Beetle VMM etc)  which plug in to MPGD detectors, or  fast, discrete photon detector channels for  PM, SiPM  sensors. Further SRS frontends like Si-pixels (Timepix) have been reported. By 2016,  hundreds of SRS systems have been deployed in Experiments at CERN and in many fields of Research, coordinated by the worldwide RD51 collaboration. The SRS  concept found a large acceptance in a large user and developers base worldwide.

Scalable Readout System

SRS technology can transform your idea into a final product. We can cover all the cycle of an electronic board until its completion.

Your idea can be implemented into a schematic design then we can design the PCB layout, also we can manufacture and assemble your boards at a prototyping level but also going into mass production.

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